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IT Infrastructure Outsourcing


Digitrans has over 25+ years’ expert experience delivering IT support services for small to medium businesses right up to the world leading global conglomerates and brands across the entire scope of industries, from healthcare, aviation, logistics, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, FMCG and technology to name a few.

With each of our customers we have built lasting collaborative relationships and have become a valuable partner in providing a host of their IT needs, be it developing customer experience, design, build or operational support, strategic consultancy, implementing new solutions and technologies or driving cost efficiencies.

Whatever you are looking for from an IT support partner we can help you deliver. Here are just a few things we have provided for our portfolio of customers:

Technical support – Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Design & Build Architects

Full scope of language capabilities – 24 languages and counting

Remote call centre and service desks – 24×7

Outsourcing – multiple global locations

Managed Services

On premise or within business placement support

Data centre and infrastructure support – all core technologies Server, Network, Backup, Storage, VMware, Citrix, Database, Security, Facilitates, Applications etc

End User support – deskside support, executive support, site support

Customer experience – data analytics, CRM, omni-channel engagement, auto translation etc

Cloud Hosted infrastructure and software Support – private, public, hybrid

IT Project & Program management – site migration, data centre implementation, IT audit, digital transformation, new product implementation etc

Digitrans understand that technology, culture and how we deliver and consume support services is changing at a fast pace. So we strive to remain flexible, innovative and partner with all the leading technology providers and start-ups to make sure we are continuously evolving to meet those changing demands for our existing and future customers.


Customer Service Outsourcing


Digitrans brings together a perfect marriage of talented people and intelligent technologies to deliver award winning customer support with flexible and innovative service models that meet the service needs of any business or industry.

Customer satisfaction is a primary key factor for any business. We perform a seamless extension of our clients’ internal customer relations department by assuring service quality and offering support in over 30 languages and counting from over 100 operation centers worldwide.

We understand that customer support is only as good as the people and technology supporting them:

Here at Digitrans we pride ourselves in investing in the most talented people with customer satisfaction at the core of their values, we provide effective training in collaboration with our customers so our dedicated teams hit the ground running with effective support, while empowering an environment of continuous staff development to enhance your customers satisfaction and drive your business success.

We use the latest technologies that enrich the customer experience and provide a seamless customer journey across all channels. We also believe in making the most of our talented peoples time, and a service augmented with a virtual workforce not only maintains great service delivery but also drives cost and support efficiencies. Why not leverage intelligent robotic process automation to do those mundane and standard repeatable tasks while allowing our talented people to provide the personal touch where required.

With our support your customers will immediately feel the benefits of world class services, improvements in ease, effectiveness and emotion of their support experience. And we won’t stop there, we will utilise our 25+ years customer support experience, and innovative data analytics to learn and gain insights from your customers engagements and behaviour to continually improve your customers experience and accelerate implementation of service improvement, efficiencies and functionality.

Check out some of the services we provide to our large portfolio of clients:

Full scope of language support capabilities – 30+ languages and counting

Remote call centre and service desks – 24×7

Customer Service Outsourcing – multiple global locations

Customer experience improvement – data analytics

Product, software, technical support

Customer Relationship management

Omni-channel engagement

auto translation – Natural language processing

BOT’s – Chat, Messenger, multiple platforms and channels

Robotic process automation – With standard repeatable tasks, why use people?